HOT TRACK: “The Land” by Holy Reptile

The deep opening riff of “The Land” has me immediately hooked and once the bass chimes in, I’m in for the long haul.

Recorded with Kristian Bell of The Wytches, the band approached recording “The Land” in a different way, choosing to perform the instrumental tracks live, capturing the energy of their live show directly to analogue tape.

“The Land” is the latest single from Holy Reptile and for me it takes me back to all the things I love about Black Rebel Motorcycle Club but within one fantastic song. Haunting rhythmic bass, slick guitars, boisterous drums, and vocals that are poignant and powerful.

With “The Land”, I feel the band has grown exponentially from their last single, “Stomach”.

The variations of recording are distinct between the two. “Stomach” is clean and crisp. “The Land” is raw with distortion and emotions. 

That distortion and emotions allow a visceral and gut wrenching reaction from the listener.

And that is what makes “The Land” so damn brilliant.

It elicits a reaction within. To have a song that makes a listener react without them even being fully aware is talent and Holy Reptile has talent in spades.

“The Land” will haunt, hypnotise, and sit in the soul long after the song ends and that my friends is the magic of music.

Listen to “The Land” below