LISTEN: “雫” by Esprit D’Air featuring Misstiq

In case you missed it, (‘Shizuku’) is a re-recording of the first and only ‘J-Rock’ song on Harmonix’s Rock Band 3 for Xbox360 by Esprit D’Air. The original track returned to Rock Band earlier this year as a playable song on January 5th for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, on Harmonix’s latest game Rock Band 4.

The song is by award-winning producer and composer Kai’s metal solo project Esprit D’Air and features Australian producer Misstiq on synthesizers.

Kai says this of the song,

Shizuku was the very first song I ever produced in 2010. I produced the instruments entirely, so I am really proud of giving the track new life in 2023 with Misstiq’s incredible additions on the synths.

The accompanying animated video features Kai as a modern nomad shinobi that roams a dystopian world overrun by mech drones and an appearance by Misstiq.