LISTEN: “On the Run” by Roadwolf

I love when I hear the intro to a song and I’m immediately taken back in time to when music was loud, fast, and furious.

That is what Roadwolf have done with their latest single, “On the Run” from their forthcoming album Midnight Lighting (May 19 on Napalm Records).

“On the Run” brings Iron Maiden and Judas Priest vibes. It’s that old school rock and metal vibes that makes this song refreshing. The four piece from Austria feels more like an 8 piece as they have taken their skills and instruments to another level that doesn’t need slick production or additional help from having more people in the band. 

The bass of course has my heart. Christoph ‘Aigy’ Aigner keeps the growl of the bass low and monstrous and is accompanied by Emanoel ‘Mano’ Bruckmüller who is furious on drums. Valentin ‘Vali’ Strasser plays his riffs at breakneck speeds and vocalist Franz ‘Franky’ Bauer gut punches us all.

Roadwolf said this about the song,

Get ready for a fast heavy metal neckbreaker and turn it up loud! Neighbours complaining? A real renegade cranks it up louder!

Listen and watch “On the Run” below