HOT TRACK: “Stay” by All the Damn Vampires

In my opinion, when it comes to 80’s synth vibes, All the Damn Vampires can do no wrong.

Sorry, not sorry.

And All the Damn Vampires continues the synth magic with “Stay”. The song is not a cover but an absolute brilliant reimagining of The Kid Laroi and Justin Beiber hit.

For those that have been following All the Damn Vampires, they will immediately recognise the vocal talents of Frye and Mint Simon. Both have previously worked with All the Damn Vampires on Synth City album.

What I like most about this song is that All the Damn Vampires elevated the song from the original version. There’s more emotion within Frye and Mint Simon’s vocals and more depth to the music. All the Damn Vampire’s version has a lot of heart and soul compared to the original.

The choice to use Frye and Mint Simon in the vocals was genius as their vocals compliment each other in a beautiful yin yang. They fit together in a perfection that cannot be found in the original song.

Davey Oberlin who is All the Damn Vampires has such an ear for music, vocals, and beats that everything he touches is bright, clever, and magnificent.

Listen to “Stay” below