LISTEN: “Misbehave Me” by Dakota Jones

If you didn’t know this, we here at Amplify the Noise, love us some Dakota Jones

Tristan Carter Jones and could sing the ingredients off a shampoo bottle while Scott Jet Kramp (bass), Steve Ross (drums), and Eddy Marshall (guitar) laid down sultry funk rhythms and we’d love it.

So of course, Dakota Jones third single, “Misbehave Me” was going to grab our attention and make our palms and hearts sweat.

The band says this of the song,

You’ve just touched down on another planet far, far away, and you exit the ship – a stranger in a strange and glorious land. ‘Misbehave Me’ is the song that plays as the door glides open, and you begin this moment of self-discovery and exploration in a world beyond your wildest imagination.

But the song is more than just exploration and self-discovery, it is dripping in voluptuous bass, hip swaying drums, alluring guitars, and seductive vocals.

The band furthers that sound with the visuals for “Misbehave Me”. They are feeling their feels and finding their swagger, especially Tristan who is adorned in colourful, dreamy, and dresses and a show stopping short set.

Of the video, Tristan says,

To me, this song is about that newfound feeling of true self-expression, and sexual freedom. We wanted the video to represent that feeling of sultry play, the true joy that you can only find within yourself.

What I like about Dakota Jones is the way the band utilises each other’s talents. Be it the way the band amplifies Tristan’s vocals or the way Tristan uses her vocals to amplify the bass, guitar, or drums. Their unity is what drives their sultry funk.

Watch “Misbehave Me” below