LISTEN: “Shake” by Yeo

The latest from Asian-Australian singer-songwriter and producer Yeo is an R&B track that is drenched in sensuality and frustration.

“Shake” from Yeo’s forthcoming album Tired features a wonderful grungy bass line that shimmies and shakes its way through the groovalicious track.

Yeo says this about the range of emotions that he felt while “Shake”,

Frustration, anger, alternating between high confidence and low self-worth.

He further adds about the songs lyrics and spatial audio version of the song,

I don’t think I’ve written so explicitly before. When I listen back I think….man, sounds like I’m seething. It’s a learning curve. I like that there are limits, forcing you to be decisive. My aim was to create a sonic environment that was fun, trying to involve the listener, and effectively fill the new space available.

Listen to “Shake” below

Artwork by Vvian Vo