LISTEN: “Carolina” by Elijah Jones and the CCs

I have a soft spot in my music heart for Elijah Jones

I’ve been a fan of his voice since I heard him sing for Atlanta’s The Constellations and when the band called it quits I was bummed. Their sound was fresh and exciting and their live shows were intoxicating, but then Elijah announced he had formed The Cancellations. In September 2022, Elijah and crew announced The Cancellations name was also being used by another band and that they would change their name to Elijah Jones and the CCs.

For me, as long as Elijah is sharing his vocal and lyrical talent with the world, he can be called Susan for all I care.

Elijah Jones and the CCs released their first single under their new moniker last week called “Carolina” and I was immediately hooked.

The song opens with a 50s/60s pop vibe that I didn’t know I had wanted in my life. It’s a Beatle-esque feel and “Carolina” is the definition of a bop. There’s sway and swagger with the song along with a touch of sweet memory.

Listen to “Carolina” below