WATCH: “Eternal Rains” by Ad Infinitum

Ad Infinitum has released their 5th single, “Eternal Rains” from their new album Chapter III – Downfall that is now available on Napalm Records.

Of the song, the band said this on the release of the album and song,

After the fire, here comes the rain! Today is the day, our third album Chapter III – Downfall is out. We decided to feature one more song with a music video: ‘Eternal Rains’. ‘Eternal Rains’ is the opening track of this new record and sets the tone with a diverse palette of sounds and energies. Enjoy the new album, happy release day!

With a song title like “Eternal Rains” you can bet the band will be doused in rain. Grab a copy of Chapter III – Downfall here.

Watch “Eternal Rains” below.