REVIEW: “Stray” by Pollyanna Blue

Shhhhhh…don’t let Pollyanna Blue know, but goddamn their latest song, “Stray” is fucking awesome.

Out on Friday, April 7th, “Stray” by Pollyanna Blue shows a completely different vibe from their song “Haunted”.

Musically, the vibe of the late alt 90’s and early 00’s is there, but vocally Zoe Collins seems to be less ‘I am woman, hear me roar’ like she was in “Haunted” and feels a bit softer and empowered with her vocals in “Stray”. It’s great how she can be vocally both as it just goes to show her talent is one side when it comes to vocals.

“Stray” is Pollyanna Blue’s third single from their upcoming EP that will hit the masses at a later date. The song was produced and mixed by Ash Scott (Memorist, Harper, Anamallia) and the song was inspired by a situationship of Zoe’s.

Being the creative genius she is, Zoe created a lyrical story between an owner and their stray cat.

Zoe further explains,

The owner is trying to fulfill their role of caring for their pet, but no matter how much love, affection and play time they would give to this cat, it would never want to hang around. The cat is adamant to make sure that the owner knows that they do what they want, and when they want, because they will always play by their own rules.

Can you say brilliant?

The song opens with a haunting piano as if it’s setting the mood for a doomed walk down a long corridor in a horror movie before fading into silence as Zoe’s vocals sing on their own but then Pollyanna Blue switches the mood into a delicious rhythm filled with a wonderful groovy bass line and beat. The guitar is simple, clean, and slick.

“Stray” is a real treat for fans of Pollyanna Blue and of music fans in general and I cannot wait for everyone to hear this wonderful song.

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