LISTEN: “Spirals” by Penny Rich

Ahead of their April 14th release of their debut album, If Everyone’s an Expert, Cardiff based Penny Rich give fans another taste of what’s to come with their song, “Spirals”.

The says this about “Spirals”,

Spirals’ is a song about finding futile solutions to life’s upward and downward Spirals from the point of view of someone with underlying perfectionism and OCD. It explores the subconscious reflex of reaching for all-encompassing answers to your problems, be it a fad diet, a new routine, etc. Eventually, these solutions all ultimately fail, leaving you back at the bottom, at the start of the next Spirals.

This song is very personal to Ant, who has long suffered with body dysmorphia stemming from underlying perfectionism and OCD. The song reflects the years of both physical and mental yo-yo’ing, leading to the conclusion that treating these underlying causes is the only way to eventually finding freedom from this never-ending cycle.

The 3 piece attacks the subject with a vicious vendetta. The guitar is pinpoint accurate. Each note meticulously chosen to emphasise the lyrics that Anthony “Ant” B has chosen to belt out. The drumming by Tobias O’Reilly further drives the weight of the message with a steady rhythm that also allows Chris Hampson to surf in on a wave of low chest rumbling bass lines that hit at the heart.

If Joe Strummer and Mike Ness were to have a vocal love child, Anthony would be that child. His vocals are a wonderful meld of punk angst and fuck you attitude. He’s able to swing and punch with his vocals as the music and as the lyrics need him to do.

“Spiral” is punk rock at its finest.

Listen to “Spiral” below