HOT TRACK: “Vanished in Transition” by Ritual Cloak

The title track of Ritual Cloak’s forthcoming EP, “Vanished in Transition” formed one question in my mind…where was this song when I needed it for the April Pink Moon (Northern Hemisphere)?!

This would have been an absolutely wonderful song to sit and meditate with on an event like that. (The moon wasn’t actually pink, that’s what April’s full moon is called.)

Vanished in Transition EP artwork

Daniel Barnett, one half of the duo that is Ritual Cloak explains their journey and collaboration on the song,

When we started writing Vanished in Transition we didn’t expect it to end up where it did. We weren’t totally prepared for how Rob Smith of Wonderbrass and Harri Rees of Wylderness would transform the direction and feel of the song towards a Pharoah Sanders style jazz odyssey. It really is the centre-piece of the EP. The song is about the romanticism of disappearing and what the reality is for those left behind.

The other half of Ritual Cloak is Andrew Sanders and while both gents came from rock backgrounds, the pair decided to explore new areas of music together as Ritual Cloak.

by Simon Hair

And we should all thank Ritual Cloak for their sublime and illustrious exploration.

With their previous release, “Left Behind”, Ritual Cloak created a dreamlike and divinely ethereal song and with “Vanished in Transition” they have created a song that roots one to the ground and calms the mind.

The 2nd instrument I love after bass is the saxophone and “Vanished in Transition” has a beautiful, haunting saxophone that drifts through the air like a spectre. The saxophone brings to mind a rainy night in Soho where the night is darker than normal and a flashing red light casts shadows of the past on the wall. The piano and saxophone allow the song to bask in an emotion after emotion.

“Vanished in Transition” is gorgeously tragic and stunningly moody. It ripples and quakes with a temperament that is both sombre and bright and is the perfect soundtrack for reflection or an existential crisis.

Listen to “Vanished in Transition” below.

Grab the limited edition LP of Vanished in Transition. EP out on April 14th.