LISTEN: “My Revolution” by Red Bird Rising

Musician, songwriter and producer Diedrich Donald Weiss, known by his musical alias Red Bird Rising, released his song “My Revolution”, an anti-war statement earlier this year.

Of the song Deidrich says,

I have a world-worn faith in the power of music to affect people’s lives positively. It’s from this place that inspired me to write ‘My Revolution’ in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. It may be naive to think a song could in any way substantially affect something as dominating as this horror, yet it was my answer to the inner question, “what can I do?”.

“My Revolution” features a wide range of instrumentation and musical collaborators, including Ukrainian husband and wife Taras Kuznetsov on lead vocals and Ana Pshokina on bass.

Taras’ vocals are reminiscent of Michael Franti’s as is the way the song feels. Franti fans will sense a kinship of message and mood.

Listen and watch the video for “My Revolution” featuring Taras Kuznetsov below