WATCH: “Forever Lost” by Lord of the Lost

I feel like Lord of the Lost might be the busiest band on the planet right now. They’re gearing up for various headlining tours across the globe, opening for Iron Maiden tour, promoting their number one album (German Album Chart) Blood & Glitter, and prepping for their showcase on the Eurovision Song Contest.

In between all that, the band found time to release a video for “Forever Lost”. Compared to the previous video releases from the Blood & Glitter album, this video takes a sombre look at what is happening to in the world today.

The band says this on “Forever Lost”

With all the hustle that’s going on around the band and us as individuals in particular, it felt important to take a step back with the new video for ‘Forever Lost’. The video we had planned originally was a completely different one – but we’ve changed our minds, to put the focus on the things that REALLY matter.

I don’t know what LOTL originally had planned, but I like that they were able to pause and rethink things as I believe some artists would have gone with what was planned because it was already done or just easy. I don’t think LOTL has ever decided to go an easy route.

Watch the video for “Forever Lost” below.