TRACK x TRACK REVIEW: Nobody’s Nobody by Brothers Osborne

I felt that Brothers Osborne’s 2022’s album, Skeletons, was a significant shift in attitude and confidence for the band. The album was solid from beginning to end and heavy on groove and that attitude and confidence can be heard and felt even more with their latest 3 songs that were released on Good Friday.

The 3 songs are from an upcoming to be named album and John, one half of the brother duo said this on Instagram,

As musicians, we’re constantly evolving and pushing ourselves to new heights. With our fourth album, we’ve teamed up with a new producer, Mike Elizondo, and embraced his approach to our sound and story. Our expectations were already high and he absolutely shattered them. It’s exciting to see where this journey will take us and we can’t wait to share this sound with everyone. Life and art are about growth and taking risks, and we’re ready to take on the challenge.

“Nobody’s Nobody”, the lead single of the 3 songs released, isn’t flashy nor does it have to be. It simply shows the talent of Brothers Osborne. It has great song structure and an earworm worthy guitar riff that stays throughout the song. What I like is the message of the song – nobody is nobody. We are all somebody to someone and I think the human race in all of our awfulness could be reminded of that humanity.

“Might As Well Be Me” showcases my favourite things about Brothers Osborne. The bassy voice of TJ is only amplified by the low hip swinging bassline and kick drums and then there’s the groove of the song. Brothers Osborne know how to find a groove and then sink low into the groove, bringing their fans to the knees. Their grooves and the groove in this song is a Brothers Osborne staple. The lyrics and chorus are infectious and have I mentioned that TJ’s bassy voice is pure heaven yet?

What I like about “Rollercoaster (Forever and a Day)” is TJ’s vocal vulnerability. When he wears his heart on his vocal sleeves boy does it shine. The song is tender, touching, and showcases the Brothers Osborne softer side.

Listen to all 3 songs below: