WATCH: “Beautiful Liar” by Antirope

I have been itching for the video for “Beautiful Liar” by Antirope since the band released the single on Good Friday. From their upcoming album, Amnesia, out on June 30th via Eclipse Records.

And just like the song, the video for “Beautiful Liar” is just as dark and moody.

Slaven Stokic, lead vocalist and guitarist, says this about the song and video,

The original version of ‘Beautiful Liar’ was a pretty fast alternative rock song. It wasn’t until Patrick had the idea to really slow the song down that it became what it is now; a pretty heavy, dark and raw song. For the video, one of the first questions we asked ourselves was how we could capture and isolate the heaviness and darkness that we always feel when we play this song, so we filmed each of us in complete isolation during the performance. A lot of close-ups and the fact that the video is in black and white help enhance the vibe even more. It’s minimalistic, and you can see that each band member sincerely feels the heartbeat of the song. We shot the video in the recording room of studio 6.0, where we also recorded the album, so everything felt very natural and familiar. The video was shot by Patrick Fleischer. His understanding of light is amazing, and he was able to capture all the emotions that everyone felt at a certain moment. The fact that we all know each other so well and are really good friends made the whole process even easier.

Here in Australia, where it currently gets dark at 6 pm, this song is the dark Autumn and Winter soundtrack I need. Every single instrument including Slaven’s vocals are rich, heavy, and foreboding.

Guitarist Patrick Fleischer further adds, 

As our debut was recorded live, I wanted the first single to represent the band. I wanted to make a pure performance video, without effects, without great locations that distract from the band, just black walls, light and the band. The goal was to make an authentic video that shows how the band performs, to capture the sound and the image…heavy, dark, depressive but also hopeful.

Watch and listen to “Beautiful Liar” below

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