WATCH: “Entropy” by Redshift

Pure madness. Glorious madness.

That’s what I think when I listen to “Entropy” by Redshift.

From their 2nd album, Laws of Entropy, out on April 28th via Pale Wizard Records, “Entropy” is not only pure glorious madness, it’s brilliantly refreshing.

Redshift takes every genre of music and displays it wonderfully with “Entropy”.

Dig metal, there’s a section for that.
Dig upright bass, there’s a section for that.
Dig smooth jazz, there’s a section for that.
Dig harsh vocals, there’s a section for that.
I could keep going but you get my point. 

The band covers it all with musical transitions that are not only whip smart but seemingly natural. The music isn’t the only thing abundant in sound, the vocals are copious ranging from harsh to clean to moments of Geddy Lee of Rush and Les Claypool of Primus vibes.

And I haven’t even started on the video!

The video for “Entropy” is a wonderful animation by Jon Birch and when it’s the lead character and his shadow or inner mental demon, I instantly am reminded of Spy vs Spy. The animation itself brilliantly portrays the mood and lyrics of the song.

Watch “Entropy” below