LISTEN: “Back to School” by Pink Flamingo Rhythm Revue

Out now on Ensemble Records, Pink Flamingo Rhythm Revue’s “Back to School” is just what the title says.

The song takes me back to the pure pop dance beats of the 80’s where the colours were bright, the beats infectious, and the music was doused in day-glo carefree vibes.

Of this song, Pink Flamingo Rhythm Revue says this,

The song is about wanting to be with someone who is gonna give you a run for your money. Someone who rewrites the rules, and you wanna play by whatever those new rules are.

Pink Flamingo Rhythm Revue is the brainchild of Eric ‘Doc’ Mendelsohn who has collaborated with the like of Purple Disco Machine, Adi Oasis, Yusek, Jean Tonique, Jacques Renault and many more since he hit the scene with his self titled EP in 2018.

“Back to School” has a wonderful funky bassline that immediately catches my ear and while there are beats, it’s not from a traditional acoustic drum set and is perhaps the thing that stands out the most for me. It really makes the song flow in a wonderful way. Also flowing in a wonderful way is the harmonious chorus.

Another thing that stands out aside from the 80’s vibe is the R-&-B vocal feel I am getting from Eric’s voice throughout the song. They too flow with an ease that is relaxed and confident.

Listen to “Back to School” below and allow yourself to drift back through all the memories of when you slammed that cold metal locker door shut on your broken heart.