REVIEW: “My Head is Broken” by Violet Blend featuring Tired Violence

Ahead of the April 28th release of “My Head is Broken” by Violet Blend featuring Tired Violence, we had the extreme pleasure to listen to the upcoming song in advance and damn…it’s lyrically brutal.

If you are not familiar with Violet Blend, please correct that immediately.

by Angelo Mura

Hailing from Italy, Violent Blend is Giada Celeste Chelli on lead vocals, piano & orchestration, Ferruccio Baroni on bass, and Michel Agostini on drums. The trio’s debut album White Mask revealed the lies one portrays using social media to represent oneself and their sophomore record, Demons, continued the journey by focusing on the various masks one uses to represent oneself.

Tackling tough subjects that hit at the raw centre of one’s heart or one’s being continues with “My Head is Broken”. It’s the fearlessness of Violent Blend that makes their music lyrically and musically so refreshing. With them, there’s no such thing as a taboo topic and that allows them to exquisitely craft songs that hit at the heart.

And “My Head is Broken” does just that.

by Tyler Morris

Giada’s voice is partnered with Virginia’s post-metalcore vocalist, Tired Violence. The yin and yang of their vocals brings a vulnerability to the “My Head is Broken”. Giada brings a deep sense of anxiety, worry, and pain with her vocals and Tired Violence brings a realisation of trauma and disruptive thoughts with his voice. There’s a part within the chorus where Tired Violence’s harsh vocals magnificently pair in beautiful synchronicity to Giada’s emotional vocals.

Their vocal pairing, while wonderful, aren’t the stars of the song. It’s the lyrics. As one who has battled her own inner demons, I connected to the lyrics. Had this song been out while in the throes of my biggest battle, I would have known someone understood what I was going through and I believe this song will resonate deeply to those who listen to it. The lyrics aren’t a perceived notion of what someone might be going through but what one has gone through. They’re heartfelt, honest, raw, and real and that will be what fans hold on to.

The cover art for the single represents a transorbital lobotomy that was used to treat psychiatric diseases in the early 20th century that transformed people into docile, absent, numb individuals with little emotion or intellectual abilities. If you think about it, it seems the procedure never cured but only exacerbated the mental health problems of those it should have helped.

Just like the cover art, “My Head is Broken” is a powerful look at mental health and a deep look into a mental state of one that is fragile, feeling numb, and lost from the pain. It’s not easy to face, but it’s a demon we must all face…either daily or one day.

Violent Blend is not afraid to pull the masks off and confront their inner demons with “My Head is Broken”. While the battle within may not be won, the song allows a little bloodletting to ease the pain of the soul if only for a brief fleeting moment.

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