WATCH: “Parasitic Yes” by Bethan Lloyd

Man, Bethan Lloyd is just not of this planet. I’m not even sure she’s of this Universe. She’s an interstellar being and we should all be honoured to share the air on Earth with her.

“Parasitic Yes” was one of my favourite, if not favourite songs on her album Metamorphosis and just like the song the video does not disappoint.

The video gives me that feeling Bethan is portraying something otherworldly. I really like who she focus on exploring her image and self within the video. It confirms for me, she truly is a gifted interstellar being here to teach us and whip us into shape.

Of the song, Bethan has written,

Parasitic Yes’s themes of mind control and diluted society ask a question about where we are headed as a collective. It is a spell for transformation. A cry for a return to sovereignty and autonomy of mind and body.

Watch “Parasitic Yes” below