LISTEN: “I’m Good” by Miranda Joan

Have you ever stood at the window on a rainy day and realised deep down inside you that all is right with the world for that very moment – within you and outside of you?

If so, then Miranda Joan and her latest single, “I’m Good” is the soundtrack to that very moment.

Brooklyn based, Miranda Joan says this of “I’m Good”,

I wrote this song on the heels of a year that kicked my ass. It was a time when my mind, body and spirit had suffered, long and slow and I was looking for a place of peace where I could rest. Standing in the midst of the wreckage of that year, all I could see at the time was the damage, and so I wrote this song to remind myself of what still was; of the love that remained. It looked different now, but there was still so much there.

What’s so great, not just good, are Miranda’s vocals. They float effortless through the air like a feather drifting through the sky to gentle land. There are moments where her vocals pop with effervescence and where they sparkle and shine with a raw emotion of one that has been through hell but made it to the other side.

The music that accompanies Miranda’s vocals are discreet, serene, and calming. Anything more than that and it would have distracted from Miranda’s vocals.

Not only does she sing effortlessly, there’s a sense of calm and peace her voice brings.

Miranda may have wrote “I’m Good” to remind herself of what was still there, but she has also created a piece that reminds all of us that no matter how fleeting or how long the moment is, there is always a point within it where everything is good.

Listen to or watch the visualizer for “I’m Good” below

Graphics by Ariel Bol