LISTEN: “Sara” by Elijah Jones and the CCs

Hot on the heels of “Carolina”, Elijah Jones and the CCs return with their latest single, “Sara”.

Compared to its predecessor, “Sara” lyrically tells a story and has an upbeat and high energy feel. Opening with what sounds like a full horn section, the song allows vocalist, Elijah Jones, to step in questioning and wondering what happened with perhaps a lingering lust (or love) within his voice.

With a jazzier and groovier sound, “Sara” has a wonderful zydeco sound that I can hear drifting out of the music halls of the French Quarter. The echoing bass and drums only add to that wonderful New Orleans laid back feel.

“Sara” is not only filled with groove for days, there’s a sly funk that sits just beneath the surface of the song that makes it catchy AF.

Listen to “Sara” on Spotify below