HOT TRACK: “The Daughter That My Mother Wanted” by Jules Paymer featuring Miki Ratsula

There are songs that hit you in the gut and if one has a video that is just as impactful as the lyrics, whew boy, stand aside because there’s probably going to be tears. Good or bad tears to be decided.

The remarkable and emotional confessional “The Daughter That My Mother Wanted” by Jules Paymer featuring celebrated artist, Miki Ratsula, is a song that I wish all parents would sit and listen to.

No child, no person, no human should ever have to face tough experiences in growing up or feeling like one doesn’t belong.

But there’s a flip side to the song as well. 

I heard this song in advance and have been waiting for its release day to send it to someone dear to me so they would know they’re not alone in what they’re going through and hoping it would perhaps give them the courage to share the song with their loved ones so they could show or explain what they’re feeling.

I am an empathetic soul and I know more than one person who has experienced what Jules and Miki have gone through and the lyrics to “The Daughter That My Mother Wanted” had me in tears because it helped me understand what my friends and family have or are going through but once the two creative masters joined together to create their visually powerful video, I was ugly crying. Seeing Jules and Miki’s ‘younger selves’ was too much. Too much sadness. Too much pain. But there was also a sense of freedom from the current Jules and Miki.

Of the song, Jules confides,

Miki and I have the unfortunate kind of privilege of understanding each other that allows a song like this to exist. To meet somebody who has had such a similar experience in their gender, family, and existence is rare in the first place. To both be on this difficult journey of not only being non-binary, but also making room for ourselves in the music industry where room was never made, is an incredible thing. It can be daunting and scary being an artist trying to make real change. Being on set for the music video and hanging out with our ‘younger selves. was kind of insane, it was hard but at the same time, very healing.

The music for “The Daughter That My Mother Wanted” starts with a sombre piano that is haunting and heartbreakingly beautiful and sad before floating into an infectious beat. As the beat turns up, it brings a wonderful tension to the song and the music magnificently matches the vocal talents of both Jules and Miki.

Their vocals not only compliment each other, but are filled with such heartfelt emotion that I’m sure their combined voices could bring the gods to tears.

On writing the song, Jules says,

No one was writing about these topics. I wasn’t able to find the artists or songs that I needed when I was discovering these new truths about myself. Growing up, the only artists I could look to were confusing to me; they were flamboyant caricatures. I thought I was alone with my sadness because they didn’t show me theirs.

To put one’s self out there is no easy feat, be it coming out or be it creatively sharing one’s soul and I, for one, am grateful Jules is sharing their journey and exposing their soul so others won’t feel alone.

On hate comments Jules added,

Hate comments don’t bother me. I’ve got a lot saying ‘you’re going to hell,’ ‘you are lying to yourself,’ or ‘you’re a girl.’ Those I can deal with. But I’ve never gotten a comment saying ‘this is a shitty song,’ and that’s how I know I’m doing something right.

Jules Paymer isn’t just doing something right. They are doing something that is needed. Something that is magical and something that may not only help others but heal others too.

“The Daughter That My Mother Wanted” is the first track from Jules’ forthcoming EP that will be out in June.

Until then, grab a box of tissues, and watch the powerful video for “The Daughter That My Mother Wanted” below.