DEBUT SINGLE: “Monaco” by Bianca James

I think I fell in love with “Monaco” by Bianca James the instant the drums started. I didn’t have a choice to be honest. The drums hit you quick, hook you in, and drag you away to a place filled with blue skies and bright yellow sun rays.

“Monaco” is the debut single from Toronto’s Bianca James and she has brought back nostalgia with her 60’s duwop-ish head bopping song.

Of the song, Bianca says,

’Monaco’ is the artistic embodiment of wanting more. It’s a fantasy about escaping the greyness of daily life, throwing your high heels in a suitcase and flying somewhere glamorous where you can be a wilder version of yourself.

by Lane Dorsey

Biana further adds,

I don’t think I consciously wrote songs about empowerment, but there is a message of overcoming, of finding hope on the other side. That’s an undercurrent in all my songs. My mission is to inspire others to live their life, and their dreams, to the fullest.

The song has crazy infectious drums that you can dance to and clap your hands too. The beats are infectious and fun and one cannot be in a bad mood listening to this song. Vocally, Bianca made me think of Duffy in parts of “Monaco” and it’s the slight rasp in her voice that does that. Bianca’s voice is confident and strong which stands out in the current sounds of pop music and that is a good thing. She doesn’t have a cookie cutter breathless, airy voice. Bianca has grit and a bite to her vocals and I’m here for it.

Listen to “Monaco” below