ALBUM REVIEW: Angus McSix and the Sword of Power by Angus McSix

So the story goes…

After Prince Angus heroically died in one of the greatest battles in the history of man and goblinkind, all hope in Scotland and the whole galaxy seemed lost. In the Realm of Martyrs, everything faded away for Angus like a blurry dream from the distant past. But when he is suddenly reminded that his home is being threatened, the prince sets out to return to the world of the living.

The only way leads through a portal in the depths of hell, sealed by the almighty sword Sixcalibur. When Angus draws the blade, he gets a fundamental upgrade and transforms into the golden hero Angus McSix, escaping the underworld! Willing to defeat his old enemies once again, Angus has no idea that he has just opened the gateway back to the world of the living to a much darker power: Archdemon Seebulon.

by Matthias Schwaighofer

But Angus McSix is not alone in his journey to defeat his enemies. He is accompanied by Buff Berserker Skaw! and Queen of the Lazer-Amazons Thalestris.

This is how the world of Angus McSix and the Sword of Power begins.

If you’re not familiar with Angus McSix or the players in the story, Angus McSix is vocalist dynamo, Thomas Winkler who sings the sci-fi ventures of Angus. Manu Lotter is Skaw! on drums, Thalìa Bellazecca is the Queen on guitar, and Sebastian ‘Seeb’ Levermann is Seebulon on guitar and bass. Individually, each are powerhouses in their own right and together they have formed a magnificent supergroup of symphonic power metal gods and a goddess.

The album opens with “Master of Universe” and it’s glorious. This was the song that introduced Angus and his cohorts to the world and the energy of this song not only kicks off the album but sets the pace for the entire album.

Each song is a story within itself moving the gang further along into the world of Angus. That’s what’s so lyrically brilliant about Angus McSix and the Sword of Power. The writing is tight. Each song flows like a chapter of a book into the next without repetition. Because of the way the songs are written, a listener can jump in and know the plot of the song without having to know the song before it or after it. Each song is great as a stand alone piece, but are even more magnificent as a whole from beginning to end. 

Vocally, Angus (Winkler) shows his amazing range throughout the album. He has one of the best clean vocals in the metal world. His ability to hit high wails with ease never ceases to amaze me, but he also has a wonderful resonance to his voice that is just delightful.

Musically, Seebulon, Thalestris, and Skaw! hold their own against Angus’ voice. The guitar licks are speedy with this wonderful zest and panache and the drums are bold and thunderous. There’s no rest in Angus McSix and the Sword of Power and the trio are slaying each and every riff, beat, and note with a fierce warrior attitude.

Not only is Angus McSix and the Sword of Power magnificent in music and lyrics. Angus McSix and the Sword of Power is a masterpiece in storytelling.

MUST LISTEN TRACKS: “Master of the Universe”, “The Key to Eternity”, “Ride to Hell”, “Laser Shooting Dinosaur”

FAVOURITE TRACKS: “Master of the Universe”, “The Key to Eternity” “Just a Fool Will Play Tricks on Angus McSix”