LISTEN: “Llawn” by Gillie

Gillie’s latest single “Llawn” (meaning ‘full’) is a lovely journey into finding the expansiveness within.

Produced and recorded by herself, Gillie says this of the song,

‘Llawn’ centres around the feeling of your life changing due to external factors/other people’s control over decisions, and finding a safe place for yourself within this. The idea that someone has power over you whilst you’re in a vulnerable state is interesting to me, and when I was writing this song, I had an image of someone force feeding me these ‘changes’, hence the opening lyrics. It’s also about finding freedom in uncertainty and practising resilience, trying to find warmth in the present and embrace ambiguity.

One listening to the lyrics may wonder if the lyrics themselves are purposefully vague, but sharp ears will recognize Gillie is singing in the divine Welsh (or Cymraeg language). (I have more than once mistaken Welsh for French because the language is poetically beautiful.)

Just as beautiful as the language are Gillie’s vocals. Her vocals are light and bouncy and they dance over the guitars with ease. I rather dig the underlying bass that simmers just underneath Gillie’s vocals. It’s lush and harmonises with the drums beautifully.

Listen to “Llawn” below


bwyta’r geiriau, cymera amser i deimlo eto, mor braf i fod ar goll

Verse 1
i dderbyn dy werth
i weld
cymryd nôl y parch sy’n hongian yn yr awyr
hoffwn i newid Eich meddwl cul

Verse 2
trin yn ofalus
absennol o le
felly amser symyd nôl i fan cyfarwydd
troi dy wyneb melys
dyma lle dwi’n teimlo’n hapus wedi dysgu bod yn ofalus
a cymryd nol
bwyta’r geiriau nawr, cymerwch amser / i dreulio, mor braf i fod ar goll

Verse 3
mae’r cyfan ‘di newid, dwi’n teimlo’n rydd mae cynhesrwydd ar fy nghroen eto, o hyd
a mae’n llenwi’r olygfa a teithio trwy

dwi’n torri lan
does ddim gem i chwarae ‘ma dim on byw, y gorau
a cofia ddweud …dal i ddod
dim on byw, dy orau
bwyta’r geiriau, cymera amser i deimlo eto, mor braf i fod ar goll x 2


Eat the words, take some time to feel again So nice to be lost

To receive your value, to see 
Take back the respect that hangs in the air
I’d like to change your narrow mind
Treat carefully
Absent from place
So time to move back to a familiar place
turn your sweet face
this is where I feel happy have learned to be careful and take back
eat the words now, take time to digest, so nice to be lost
everything has changed, I feel free there is warmth on my skin again, still
and it fills the scene and travel through

I’m breaking up
there’s no game to play here nothing but living, the best
and remember to say …keep coming
Only living, your best

eat the words, take time to feel again, so nice to be lost x 2