SONG REVIEW: “Doctor’s Note” by Bitter Kisses

Ahead of their April 28th release of “Doctor’s Note”, we got a sneak listen of the 2nd single from Bitter Kisses and it’s an absolute banger.

Like their debut single, “Pr*y”, “Doctor’s Note” is an infectious track. Unlike its predecessor, there is a distinct lack of synths or barely distinguishable synths in the song.

There’s still a beautiful menacing sound to “Doctor’s Note” and it makes me wonder if all or future Bitter Kisses will have a menacing undertone to all of their songs. With a slug line of “pop music you can beat your friends up to”, there’s probably going to be a menacing sound right?

Of the song, the band says this,

‘Doctor’s Note’ discusses the insidious growth of anxiety and how, when suppressed, it becomes more than you can handle alone. As a result, your anxiety spills out in ways that you can’t control.

Contributing to the foreboding sound are the bassier depths of Thomas’s vocals in comparison to Gemma’s airy and lighter vocals. It’s as if his vocals are the anxiety and Gemma’s are the vocals of the suffer. What’s also nice to hear is Thomas’ harsher or angrier vocals throughout the song as well. Gemma and Thomas’ vocals play off each other in a wonderful tête-à-tête instead of fighting each other for the spotlight.

What I really enjoy about “Doctor’s Note” is the heaviness of the song. It’s heavy in lyrics and in sound. With that heavier sound, I can hear Josh and Scarlett contributing with copious amounts of bass and drums. Their rhythm pairing is beautiful as they both bring a sense of frustration and perhaps anger to the song through their instruments. There’s an intensity within their playing that reminds me of Lars Ulrich and Robert Trujillo of Metallica. Josh and Scarlett are just getting started so if they’re already reminding me legends, they’re only going to grow into legends themselves.

by A Life Well Productions

“Doctor’s Note” solidifies my theory that Bitter Kisses will be your favourite band of 2023. I’m willing this into existence for them. The song is tight, heavy, and filled with superb guitars, bass, drums, and vocals that will cure anyone’s blues.

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Editor’s Note: we are assuming Thomas is the male vocal as indicated in A Conversation with Bitter Kisses