HOT TRACK: “Scared” by Dakota Jones


Dakota Jones has slapped a date on the sophomore album!

Drum roll please…Heartbreakers Space Club will be out on June 2nd.

But wait…

There’s more…

They’ve also gifted the Universe a brand spanking new single…“Scared”.

It might be my favourite so far from the Brooklyn 4 piece band. I am also fully aware I’m very biassed in saying this as I am a fan and have loved everything they’ve released thus far.

“Scared” is a bit different though.

It’s not the funk groove of “Sugar Pie”, nor the bass groove of “Dissent’N’Gin”, and it’s not the sultry groove of “Misbehave Me”

“Scared” has this pace that feels like running up a hill with an 808 beat at your heels. It’s intensely delightful, breathless, and fast paced.

The drums and bass provided by Scott Jet Kramp and Steve Ross are contagious. They stick to your eardrums and skin like sweat on a humid summer day. Adding to the heat is Eddy Marshall on guitar and while it may not be as intense as the beats and bass of the drums, it adds this dreamy layer between the beat and the vocals of Tristan Carter-Jones. Per usual, Tristan is a powerhouse. Whether she is singing low or how or rapping or singing, she commands attention and her vocals in “Scared” showcases the wonderful depth of her vocal range. She soars with ease over the music.

Of the video (below), Tristan said,

We wanted the video to reflect this feeling of isolation, desperation, and sort of being lost in the wilderness of your mind. And trying to confront all of those feelings at the same time. That’s how this song makes me feel. Like being in a dark room in the dead of winter, staring yourself down.

Get breathless by watching “Scared” below