WATCH: “Chameleon” by Roskamala

The video of “Chameleon” featuring Courtney Knott by Roskamala can only be described in these two words: MUST WATCH.

Roskamala is a multi-dimensional Thai songwriter and creator and of the song she shares,

‘Chameleon’ is the most deeply intense song I have ever written. I wrote it when I was questioning whether the life I had was meant for me, imagining what life would be like if I was truly free, physically & spiritually. This song is about the inner war to be free. You find yourself in the most unhappy place, unsure of how you got there or how to begin the fight.

For the video, the song channels Roskamala’s last few words – ‘how to begin the fight’ and the video touches on the painful suffering of domestic abuse.

The visual with Roskamala’s poignant lyrics make for a powerful statement and is a must watch.

Watch “Chameleon” now.

If you or someone you know are going through domestic violence, please seek out to your local organisations. UN Women has a number of country hotlines available.