SONG REVIEW: “Chinatown” by Middle Part

Brooklyn-based Middle Part’s latest single, “Chinatown” features Yuno and it’s the definition of indie pop at its finest.

The band says the song is about tackling the burn out born from life in the big city.

But it’s more than being exhausted from life in the city.

It is being exhausted from life in general.

Whether one wants to admit it or not, the planet Earth and its inhabitants have had a tumultuous 3 years with the pandemic, wars, civil unrest, gun violence, and the list goes on and unfortunately on.

Middle Part has channelled that energy into a song that betrays the weighty lyrics with light, bright, and dazzling uplifting beats.

The music for “Chinatown” is a nice contrast to that exhausted feeling one might have about life. There’s something wonderfully simple about the music which I doubt is simple at all. Again, the music and the beats are light, bright, and dazzling. It allows the listener to just forget and to get lost in the music.

Vocally Middle Part and Yuno are a perfect pairing. Their vocals meld together with ease and compliment each other. Their singing together makes one want to sing-a-long.

“Chinatown” has everything you want in an indie pop song – catchy lyrics, infectious beats, hooky keys, and anthem-eque lyrics.