DEBUT ALBUM REVIEW: Superglue by Joan

There’s a period within the late 90’s and early 2000’s where alternative rock had a distinct sound that was poppy. Pop radio wouldn’t touch the tunes with a 10 foot pole because they were still too “alternative” or too “rock” but alternative radio blossomed with the feel good tracks. Bands like Marvelous 3 (who seems to be returning if you’re watching Butcher Walker’s socials), Vertical Horizon, SR-71, and the likes weren’t heavy like grunge acts nor were they heavy like rock acts but they seamlessly could transition the average radio listener from one to another without having the listener turn off the radio.

That’s what Superglue by Joan is giving me.

Feel good alternative pop.

Joan is duo Alan Benjamin Thomas and Steven Rutherford who both hail from middle America (Little Rock, Arkansas) and have been releasing music together since 2017.

by Jacob Ruth

Of their debut album, Steve says,

We naturally felt comfortable in the world of love songs. This time, we were like, ‘Let’s get more personal’. We both had babies in the past year. We’ve grown more than we have in a long time. It’s so cool watching your baby crawl for the first time and see the world. It organically informed the writing. The whole body of work is so personal—like we’re giving a piece of ourselves to listeners. It’s by far the most special thing we’ve done.

What I found interesting while listening to Superglue was that there are songs that scream, I am a pop song, hear me roar! Songs like “Backseat Driving” glisten with glitter and gold and easily be found on a Harry Styles or Justin Bieber album.

Then there are songs like “Loner” that can be found on the alternative pop rock albums of the 90’s and early 2000’s.

Joan has balanced the alternative to the pop with ease and precision. They’re not too heavy for those that love pop and they’re not too poppy for those that love the lighter side of alternative rock.

If Joan were in the Goldielocks story, the sound of Superglue would be “just right”.

Listen to Superglue below

Watch the video for “Superglue”