DEBUT ALBUM REVIEW: What a Weird Hill to Die On by Old Dirty Buzzard

Kicking off What a Weird Hill to Die On (out on April 28th) is a cover of Charlie Daniels Band’s classic “Long Haired Country Boy” and boy is it a mood. Grungy, low, dirty, and damn solid. I really like that the Old Dirty Buzzard has turned up the bass and dropped the guitars and just made this song heavy.

Old Dirty Buzzard is Kurt Kilfelt on bass, guitar and vocals, Ben Axeman on guitar, and Ben Still on the drums and the trio have created a sound that is loud, heavy, and will leave your ears ringing…for more.

One can hear the Motörhead influence on tracks like “Lies”, “Corpse Shoveler”, and “Highway Patrol”. But what I enjoy the most about Old Dirty Buzzard is their heavier and deeper groove laden side and that shines in the instrumental “Paleozoic”, the fierce rocker “Hammer Coming Down”, and the drum intense “Path of the Dead”.

The stand out track of What a Weird Hill to Die On is the final track, “The Reckoning”. It’s a wonderful blend of influences like that of previously mentioned Motörhead but also Black Sabbath and earlier Ozzy Osbourne. It captures the overall essence of Old Dirty Buzzard – vocals covered and smothered in smoke and whiskey, slick guitar riffs, rumbling bass, and thunderous drums.

As their namesake of the vulture-like bird goes, Old Dirty Buzzard is feasting on the remains of past sounds to bring an enticing and heavier sound to the present.

What a Weird Hill to Die On will be out on April 28th on Rotten Records.

MUST LISTEN TRACKS: “Paleozoic”, “Highway Patrol”, “Path of the Dead”

FAVOURITE TRACKS: “Lies”, “Paleozoic” “The Reckoning”