HOT TRACK: “Doctor’s Note” by Bitter Kisses

Your favourite band of 2023, Bitter Kisses have released their 2nd single, “Doctor’s Note” and as we said earlier, it’s a banger.

Of the song, the band says this,

‘Doctor’s Note’ discusses the insidious growth of anxiety and how, when suppressed, it becomes more than you can handle alone. As a result, your anxiety spills out in ways that you can’t control.

With a slug line of “pop music you can beat your friends up to”, “Doctor’s Note” has a wonderful dark and menacing sound  that only amplifies the anxiety within the lyrics.

Gemma and Thomas’ vocals play off each other in what I feel is the anxiety vs sufferer with Thomas vocalising the anxiety and Gemma vocalising the sufferer. Adding to that sense of anxiety vs sufferer are the drums and bass of Scarlett and Josh. They bring a sense of frustration and perhaps anger to the song through their instruments that one can feel at their core.

Listen to “Doctor’s Note” below

Editor’s Note: we are assuming Thomas is the male vocal as indicated in A Conversation with Bitter Kisses