WATCH: “Anti-Fetish” by Vexed

Vexed recently announced their sophomore album, Negative Energy, will be released on Napalm Records on June 23rd and along with that announcement, the trio of Megan Targett (vocals), Jay Bacon (guitar), and Willem Mason-Geraghty (drums) released their video for the first single off forthcoming effort.

by Andy Ford

Let me tell you, “Anti-Fetish” is slick. 

There is a thundering bass that annihilates the soul along with the drums that bring this intense feeling of discomfort but the two are so wonderfully blended it absolutely makes “Anti-Fetish” soar. Also soaring are Megan’s vocals. They are angry, fearless, and visceral and the harshness is so clear and precise there can be no mistake of how she feels while singing this song.

Of the song, the band says,

We wanted to start with a huge riff and a strong message. ‘Anti-Fetish’ is us confronting the constant comparisons and ungrounded hate that bands receive. It’s become completely accepted in the scene to cross the line of constructive criticism and just dive bomb into hatred and prejudice. This song is us setting the record straight by calling out the blatant discrimination.

Watch “Anti-Fetish” below