HOT TRACK: “Little Girl Gone” by Chinchilla

I love it when artists hype artists they like or are friends with. I have to thank Ren for sharing his love of Chinchilla. While I was familiar with her through his songs, I never dived into her music.

And good god almighty Chinchilla is a force to be reckoned with.

If Chinchilla is the force to be reckoned with, then “Little Girl Gone” will be her weapon that slays all those that stand in her path.

Lyrically, “Little Girl Gone” is smart and concise. There’s no fluff to this song. Each word packs a punch and moves the song forward. Its message of owning one’s power and strength and standing up for one’s self is nothing short of brilliant, but what makes “Little Girl Gone” an amazing song is the vocal talent of Chinchilla herself.

Chinchilla has this wonderful ease and flow to her vocals. What I like about “Little Girl Gone” is that one can hear the range of Chinchilla’s wonderful voice and goddamn that voice of hers is amazing.. She has these magnificent layers with her vocals and while her normal singing voice is great it is within the layers of her vocals where she soars. There’s this sizzling timbre and vibrato within her vocals that is exciting and refreshing. She stands worlds apart from her counterparts. There feels like there is a classically trained element that seems to be her foundation and all the additions and elements she is brings in makes her powerfully unique.

Listen to “Little Girl Gone” below