LISTEN: “Heartbreak Soliloquy” by Donovan Keith

As a word lover, I get rather impressed when artists can weave fanciful words into their song and the soulful Donovan Keith has done just that with his song “Heartbreak Soliloquy”.

Be honest, how often have you heard the word soliloquy in a song or even used it in real life?

With that one word, I was already impressed with “Heartbreak Soliloquy” and I hadn’t even pressed play on the song yet. Then I hit play and I might have said, ‘hell yeah’ out loud.

Born in the Midwest, but calling Austin, TX his home, Donovan recently released “Heartbreak Soliloquy” that also features beautiful harmonies from Emily Keeley.

What’s wonderful about the song is that it’s soulful pop, blending in the best of soul with the brightness of pop. Add a subtle, trembling bass line and Donovan’s emotive vocals and you have a song that is heartfelt, raw and real.

“Heartbreak Soliloquy” is an eloquent and soulful look at heartbreak and letting go. Listen to it below