WATCH: “The Answers” by Cooper Phillip featuring Durand Bernarr

The Answers” is the latest single from Cooper Phillip featuring Durand Bernarr and it looks at the need for external validation when one should be looking inwards instead.

And late last week, Cooper released the video for “The Answers” which finds the duo looking magnificent and elegant in various sun drenched landscapes.

The song is a wonderful showcase of both Cooper and Durand’s vocal talent. There’s a beauty and effortlessness to their voices. While the song may be about empowering yourself, it’s low-key and relaxing yet absolutely dancey at the same time.

Of her music, Cooper says,

When you listen to me, I hope you take away self-observation and power. I want you to know you can listen to your gut and your heart. Believe, create, be happy, and make your own decisions. I want to show you it’s possible to be strong.

Empower yourself, watch “The Answers” below