LISTEN: “Getaway” by Holte Jacques

If you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s that time of the year where thoughts drift to packing one’s bag and planning a getaway in the sun and if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere like myself, that getaway means hunkering down in the warmth of your own home as the cold weather hits.

No matter which hemisphere you are presiding in, Holte Jacques has delivered the perfect song, “Getaway” to accompany whatever plans one may have.

Of the song, Holte says,

‘Getaway’, for me, tells my story, or at least a small part of it. After navigating an extremely tough and challenging period of my life, this work reveals, through music and lyrics, a small piece of that journey with a happy ending. The track bridges the gap between the final episode of the box set that is my life. It also tells of the unlikely fairytale ending of that period too…meeting that special someone. There’s a huge, positive vibe to the tune that helps balance it out. I want to drive the feel-good factor.

And boy does Holte drive the feel good factor. “Getaway” is an infused blend of electro and pop and I can easily hear this song on dancefloor after dancefloor as throngs of humans dance their troubles away. While the beats are funky, fun, and infectious, it’s Holte’s voice that grasps me. There’s a wonderful raw raspiness to his vocals that are alluring and captivating.

On music, Holte says,

It’s like therapy, releasing energy into sound. It’s awesome to play and compose music and output the creative energy from inside yourself to something entirely tangible to share.

That tangibility is below. “Getaway” is an explosive and infectious song to get lost too. Listen to it below