HOT TRACK: “Trust” by ColourMind

Perth’s ColourMind is back with another single, “Trust” from their forthcoming album, Perfecting Failure.

Like “Fight For My Life” and “Endless”, their latest single continues to drive the rock and pop punk energy of the band.

“Trust” finds the foursome of Jonny Essiech (guitars), Jimmy Watson (vocals, guitars), Matt Wenke (drums), and Tristan Chopping (bass) providing another infectious single.

The song has the best elements of rock – aggressive drums that make one’s heart and head bang, deftly played guitars, and an infectious rumble of bass.

The song also has the best elements of pop punk – catchy and anthem-esque lyrics that one can sing and scream at the top of their lungs.

The more I listen to ColourMind, the more they make me miss the days of Warped Tour and watching dozens of pop-punk, rock, and metal bands live for hours on end in the sweltering summer sun. While I officially call myself too old to be doing day long festivals like Warped Tour and thrashing about in a pit, I can at least still have the music of my youth thanks to bands like ColourMind.

“Trust” is infectious, catchy, and a goddamn banger. Raise your hands in the air and bang you head to this one.