LISTEN: “Never Never” by The Dionysus Effect

The Dionysus Effect, a New York based trio, kicks off “Never Never” with an opening guitar riff that immediately transports one to a world of pulsating energy and raw emotion.

The raw emotion lies within the lyrics of an undying and all-consuming passion that refuses to die between lovers. The lyrics are visceral and carnal and amplified by vocalist and bassist, Christoph Paul. There is a moment when he sings the chorus that I’m reminded of “Never Ever” by Saving Abel and just like that song, “Never Never” has a wonderful catchy hook that just sinks into the brain.

Sean Quinn Hanley (guitars) and Brett Peterson (drums) provide soaring guitars and driving drums that maserate one’s soul.

With “Never Never”, The Dionysus Effect has wonderfully captured the danger and excitement of being in a relationship that is full of unbridled love and lust.