LISTEN: “Inside” by Aisha Badru

RuPaul said it best, “If you can’t love yourself, how you gonna love someone else?”

With her latest single “Inside”, Aisha Badru elevates the adage into a simple and beautiful piece devoted to the love one should have for themselves and on her view, she says,

I remember feeling like the ultimate goal is to find someone who loves you, and then realizing that the ultimate goal is to love yourself. Until you love yourself, you won’t really know what true love is.

Aisha’s delicate and ethereal voice is accompanied by an even more delicate piano. The pair transport the listener inward for reflection and contemplation. 

With Aisha’s soulful vocals, she is a reminder that we all need to be kind to ourselves but her voice is also the magic of “Inside”. Without them, we’d be empty handed but with her vocals, our cups runneth over. It’s her voice that makes the ode to self love beautiful.

The accompanying video was directed by Laura-Lynn Petrick and features another mesmerising performance from Nyda Kwasowsky who also appeared in “Lazy River”. Watch both below

Aisha’s album, Learning to Love will be out June 2nd