ALBUM REVIEW: Roden House Blues by The Hip Priests

Released at the beginning of May, the 5th studio album, Roden House Blues by The Hip Priests was rehearsed, recorded, and mixed between the numerous UK lockdowns in Roden House which birthed the name of the album.

While the word “blues” in music often makes one think of the Delta blues and acts like Bo Carter, John Lee Hooker, Howlin’ Wolf, and master of the Delta blues, Robert Johnson, the blues of Roden House Blues is not within the music itself but within the lyrics and vocals themselves.

Sure, The Hip Priests are fast, furious, and loaded with wailing punk rock vibes, but that same fiery passion of punk is the same basis in the Delta blues. Nathan Von Cruz, Austin Rocket, Lee Love, Gentle Ben, and D.P. Bomber have just spun the Delta blues, like so many other bands before them, into rock.

The lyrics cover recurring The Hip Priests themes of negativity, nihilism, rage and revolution but also contemplate self reflection and revelation.

While being 11 tracks deep, Roden House Blues clocks in at 30 mere minutes with tightly woven guitars, in-your-face drums, growling bass, and vocals that elicit inner anarchy.

MUST LISTEN TRACKS: “Shakin’ Ain’t Fakin’”, “Can’t Abide with Me”, “Chasing Death”, “Just to Get By”

FAVOURITE SONGS: “Inaction Rocks”, “Sell My Soul”, “Persistence is Futile”