LISTEN: “Thank You” by My Name Is Ian

There’s something easy and breezy about “Thank You” by Cardiff-based, My Name is Ian.

Maybe it’s the smooth bass that sets the groove of the song or the way the drums shimmy and shake. Perhaps it’s the way the guitars float with funk or the vocals feel like standing in a sunflower field on a sunny day.

No matter what, “Thank You”, an ode to the people who have supported My Name is Ian over the years, is a funky and groovalicious tune that is not only head bobbing but booty shaking.

From their forthcoming album Go Bananas Go Bananas Go Bananas Go Bananas Go Bananas, “Thank You” finds the band saying “Thank You” not only to their supporters, but to drug smuggling, Stephen Mulhern and falling in love.

A wide variety of thank yous for lives that have probably seen a lifetime of experiences. Nonetheless, “Thank You” is infectious, catchy, groovy, and pure f’n fun.