ALBUM REVIEW: Blood & Glitter Deluxe Edition by Lord of the Lost

We reviewed Blood & Glitter Track by Track and this review will focus on the extra 16 tracks of the Blood & Glitter Deluxe Edition. The deluxe edition part of the album includes new and old tracks and variations of songs from the original release of Blood & Glitter album.

Kicking things off on the deluxe edition is the synth and drum heavy “The Curtain Falls” and it’s easy to hear where this album could have fallen in the original release of Blood & Glitter. The song is a continuation of where the album left off and is a gem of a track that is soaked in an 80’s vibe that I for one am here for. The song is the perfect song for any montage where the hero is building up to the win. While some may not like the glam rock vibe Lord of the Lost is currently on, it fits them so wonderfully and to be honest, it’s nice to see them in bright, glittery, and shiny colours and vibe and “The Curtain Falls” captures that vibe.

The first “Blood & Glitter” variation features Jennifer Batten and is an extended version of the original song. There’s more wailing guitars and more nuances within the instruments themselves but what I find the most interesting is at around the 3 minute mark are the guitars that wail and sing with a heaviness the original didn’t have. The second variation “Blood & Glitter” is the piano version from Sonic Pump Studio and Is an absolute stunning version of the song and allows Chris’ vocals and the lyrics of the song to shine. The third variation is the Extended Action Movie Version. Like the first extended version, it clocks in at 4 minutes and 5 seconds and also includes wailing guitar solos. The fourth and final version of “Blood & Glitter” features Faderhead for the Faderhead Remix. I would call this one the “dancefloor” remix.

I love the sound an organ brings to a song and “We are Immortal” featuring The Tribune features one. It brings a wonderful element to the song. The lyrics feel as if “We are Immortal” could have been on Judas while musically on Blood & Glitter. The heaviness of the song aligns with “Destruction Manual” that I really love.

Musically “The Sound of Violence” featuring Aesthetic Perfection is heavy and aggressive with a wonderful futuristic dance-y undertone. I think the robotic voice “silence” adds to that futuristic tone. LIke “We are Immortal”, “The Sound of Violence” could be on two albums. Musically, on Judas and lyrically on Blood & Glitter.

“I Of the Storm” features vocals from Adrienne Cowan and her vocals are a lovely pairing with Chris’ baritone vocals. I could envision an almost two star crossed lovers, an angel and a demon, singing together. Adrienne’s voice as the more angelic and ethereal vocals of the light and Chris’ voice as the more infernal and shadowy vocals of the dark.

There’s something effervescent about “See Me Fall” featuring FLYKS. I don’t know if it’s the music or the vocals of FLYKS that makes the song feel bright and buoyant. They almost betray the lyrics but the combination works wonderfully.

“noituLOVEr” is perhaps my favourite song on the deluxe edition of the album. The music is fantastic, Chris’ vocals are strong, powerful, and emotional but it’s the lyrics that steal the spotlight. I want this song to be gifted to every single person who has ever felt like they didn’t belong or felt like they were alone. There is such wonderful magic and positivity in this song and I think that’s one of the things I love about Lord of the Lost the most, they have an innate ability to write beautiful songs that let one know their true beauty inside and out.

“Not My Enemy” was a single the band in 2022 and again, like “noituLOVEr” the band has created a song that unifies this time in fuses humanity together by acknowledging at the end of the day we are all of the same cosmos – one blood, one human race. The second version of the song is a piano version recorded at Sonic Pump Studios and goddamn, the piano version is heartbreakingly beautiful.

The Family Friendly Version of “Destruction Manual” is what I would consider the “radio edit” of the song. It removes all the so-called “bad” words and thankfully by doing so, it does not remove the fierceness of the song.

Like “Not My Enemy”, “Schwarz Tot Gold” featuring SWISS and Die Addern was a single. This time from 2020, the song is a wonderful mix of metal and rap. The two blend so seamlessly in “Schwarz Tot Gold” and what I have always loved about this song is the sheer heaviness of the song.

As if the original version of “One Last Song” wasn’t already stunning, the piano demo recorded at Chameleon Studios is absolutely beautiful. A lot of acts simply cannot perform acoustically or with just a piano. There’s too much vulnerability and nothing to hide behind. One can always tell how strong and talented a band or artist is when they perform acoustically, and moving to only a piano further shows the strength and talent that Lord of the Lost possesses.

If Lord of the Lost released piano versions of all of their songs, I wouldn’t be mad at it. Like their Swan Songs and Swan Symphonies albums, the piano adds a wonderful depth to their song and “Leaving the Planet Earth” more so than the others. Also recorded at Sonic Pump Studios, the piano version of “Leaving the Planet Earth”  is a magnificent version of the song. Chris’ vocals carry more exhaustion, more frustration, and sadness than the original. One can feel that doneness, that readiness to leave everything behind. It’s my favourite piano version of all the Blood & Glitter tracks.

The deluxe version of Blood & Glitter is a wonderful continuation of the original release. It’s a must have for fans and a wonderful way to introduce newbies to the insane talent of Lord of the Lost.

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