EP REVIEW: Tales of a Taurus by Rebecca Lappa

Released earlier this month, Tales of a Taurus by Rebecca Lappa showcases the growth of the award-winning Candian singer-songwriter.

Of Tales of a Taurus, Rebecca says,

Just like people change over time, my choice of how I express myself as an artist has changed over time. I am currently at a point in my life where the most raw and authentic version of myself feels best expressed through pop and alternative music. With this EP, I am continuing my journey of creative expression. My focus is making music and stories that matters to me and hopefully it will impact others.

With the release of Tales of a Taurus, Rebecca also released “Your One” as her third single. The song follows in the steps of “Blue Lips” and “Lolita”

Within the 6 songs Rebecca covers love, lust, and more but its stand out track “Wtich’s Way” that evokes deep emotions with it’s stomping drums, acoustic guitar, and haunting vocals. For me, the song is cohesive storytelling at its best. From the lyrical story that Rebecca unravels with her voice, I hear young Stevie Nicks vibes of confidence and strength.

With Tales of a Taurus, Rebecca has not only strengthened her writing, but she has a found a voice that allows her vocals and writing talents to shine like it has never shined before. Tales of a Taurus will be a mere stepping stone for Rebecca’s musical journey into greatness.

MUST LISTEN TRACKS: “Witch’s Way”, “Lolita”, “Forecast”