HOT TRACK: “Mor” by Arkona

I cannot begin to express the excitement upon seeing there was a new track from Arkona this week. Arkona has become a surprise obsession of mine. 

On their second single, “Mor” from their forthcoming album Kob, the band says,

This track, ‘Mor’, represents the fourth step of the immersion of all of mankind into the abyss. This song is about epidemics, diseases, and multiple deaths that have been haunting mankind through centuries, but subsequently, man himself artificially created the main plague of our time, which has become his next step on the road to hell.

Again, Masha’s vocals have blown me away. The more I listen to her scream and sing, the more I fall in love with her voice. Her vocals are epitome of yin and yang and Shakti and Shiva. Within the yin realm, Masha’s harsh vocals are the divine feminine and a fierce representation of Shakti. Masha’s harsh vocals are powerful and filled with a strength that is pure primordial cosmic energy. Within the yang realm, Masha’s clean vocals are the divine masculine and a wonderful depiction of Shiva. Masha’s clean vocals are hauntingly beautiful and have an ability to transform the chaos of the universe but also bring an awareness that to transform one sometimes has to destroy.

Not only does Masha provide the yin and yang energy, the band matches it with their own. While Masha creates, transforms, and destroys, the rest of Arkona provide music that is both unnerving with the persistent drums and surprisingly blissful with acoustic guitar.

For nine minutes and forty-one seconds, Arkona allows the listener to transcend and experience the destruction of human existence.

Listen and watch the video for “Mor” below

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