EP REVIEW: Working Memory by Sun Spot

Bristol’s 4 piece, Sun Spot, recently announced they signed with Venn Records and have now released their latest EP, Working Memory with said label.

On the new EP, Will said,

The new EP feels like a big step up for us in terms of production. George (guitar, keys and production) recorded and mixed everything in our flat and Jake Packer (Heriot) covered mastering duties. They did an incredible job at capturing something authentic to where we’re at now both as people and a band and I couldn’t be more proud of it.

On the lead single from the EP, “Keepsake”, Will Palmer (vocals and bassist), said

I wrote the lyrics for ‘Keepsake’ after a particularly brutal panic attack last year. I thought I was dying. The complete loss of control felt like falling out of bounds in an old PS1 game and it was a genuinely surreal and existential moment for me.

He further added,

I wanted to write something reflecting that, which could also act as a tool for surviving the next one. I feel like the structure of the song mirrors that experience in that it jumps between moments of serenity and absolute chaos, which is kind of how it felt riding out waves of sheer terror while trying to stay calm.

Listening to Working Memory, I felt like I was slowly scrolling through an analog stereo, fine tuning the dial to pick the tunes from my favourite stations. The songs feel fuzzy with static, atmospheric beats, and stirring synth vocals. I think perhaps my favourite thing about Working Memory is that while listening to it, it musically feels like it is the soundtrack between the darkness ending and the light beginning each day.

Not only is Working Memory intriguing and genuine, it also resonates with a fuzzy feel good vibe.

Listen below