HOT TRACK: “Landlubber” by Lucky Thief

With a title like “Landlubber” one’s mind might head towards the land of the pirates or perhaps a sea shanty if you will, but that is oh, so wrong.

Lucky Thief is back with single number two from their forthcoming debut album, D.I.Y and “Landlubber” is a wonderful cross between Deftones and Nine in Nails around the Year Zero era.

Of the song, Lucky Thief explains,

Landlubber looks at themes of paranoia, insecurity and regret in relationships, all of which I have experienced. In changing for the worst in a relationship, new behaviours come to light, even within yourself which you may never have expected.

The paranoia and insecurity can be heard throughout the song but it stands out from about the 3 minute mark. The undertones of controlled chaos that erupts as the song plays gives me a Nine Inch Nails vibe. There’s this distortion and muted vibe that simultaneously hurts and heightens the senses while also being a complete joy to listen to.

More than once, I checked to make sure I wasn’t listening to a Deftones song as Lucky Thief’s vocals are on the frequencies of Chino Moreno.

Whether he is a fan of either band or inspired by either is not the point, because to be able to blend two very specific artists who aren’t traditionally close to each other on the music spectrum shows just how smart and crafty Lucky Thief is with his music, his writing, and his lyrics.

But perhaps, my favourite part of the entire song is the bass. Through it all, the bass sails beautifully through the drums, guitars, and vocals. For me, it’s the anchor of the song or to go with the theme of “Landlubber”, it’s the lighthouse beacon, calling one home.

“Landlubber” is an aural treat that is thought provoking and sonically stimulating.