EP REVIEW: Time is Elastic by Middle Part

I was finally able to sit down and spend some time with Time is Elastic by Middle Part and it made me realise that there is music that fits a certain mood and a certain headspace. Listen to it at the wrong time and all hell can break loose be it mentally, emotionally, or even in liking and enjoying music.

Time is Elastic features 8 songs that are submerged in melancholy but filled with hope. Lyrically, Andrew Selkōw attacks mental health, depression, addiction, and human connection with an earnest passion. That passion gives the EP a double edge sword.

One edge of the sword is the aforementioned melancholy. There’s heartbreak and heartache within the vocals. There’s sadness and a soul that is lost and looking, searching, and expressing everything within.

The other edge of the sword is hope. The music often betrays the heartache. The beats are bright, the music is upbeat, catchy and infectious.

The mix of the darker lyrics and brighter music is the connection that holds Time is Elastic to a mood and a headspace. It’s an EP that one listens to when they’re in the doom and gloom, but what Middle Part has magnificently crafted with Time is Elastic is that the EP grabs one by the hand and helps them to the other side of the darkness within and shows one everything is okay.

MUST LISTEN TRACK: “2morrow”, “Rather Be Dead”