As a daughter and granddaughter of US Airforce and Navy veterans, I was more than excited to sit down with Robynn Shayne to discuss her latest single, “Coming Home”.

No stranger to supporting the troops, Robynn has played with Gary Sinise for Salute to The Troops and she wrote the song about every son, daughter, father, and mother who went off to war and left a part of their soul on the battlefield. Those who know veterans, servicemen, and servicewomen or are veterans, servicemen, and servicewomen will surely feel the tears swell in their eyes as they listen to “Coming Home”.

ATN: For those new to the world of Robynn Shayne, what inspired you to join the music world?

ROBYNN: My passion for music was ignited at a young age, as my older brother Shane was an aspiring musician. Growing up with him shaped my understanding and love for music, and I’ve been singing and songwriting ever since. When my brother passed away unexpectedly at 20 years old, I started writing and performing as a way to express my grief and then later, to honor and pay tribute to his legacy. Music has been my life ever since and I’m excited to share my stories with others.

ATN: Which comes first – the music or the words?

ROBYNN: The words usually come first for me. I try to start with a phrase or idea that I think would make a great song and then I start to build off of that. Once I have a basic idea, I start adding chords and melodies and that’s when the music starts to take shape.

ATNAs a singer songwriter, do you prefer to create alone or collaborate with others? 

ROBYNN: I really enjoy collaborating with others, because it allows for a unique perspective to be shared and can help create music that I would never have come up with by myself. Working with other writers helps push me to be a better songwriter. I love bouncing ideas off of others and learning from them at the same time. That said, I do enjoy the solitude of writing alone sometimes. It can be therapeutic, and I find that songwriting can be a very personal experience that’s hard to share.

ATN: The music business isn’t always kind to women, how have you found your footing and stood your ground for what you create and bring to the table? 

ROBYNN: I firmly believe that the more women write and create, the more the industry will have to recognize us and make space for us. It is incredibly important to me to write from my own experiences and from a place of power and strength. I have worked hard to make sure my voice is heard and make sure it is taken seriously. As an artist, I have learned the importance of persistency and resilience. I know that the best way to create change in the music industry is to be myself and stand up for what I believe in. I am passionate about storytelling and songwriting, and I want to make sure that my own stories are being shared in an authentic way. I’m also seeing a lot of new female singer-songwriters coming up in the industry, and that’s helping me to find my footing, too. That representation is so important and goes a long way in making sure that we are seen and heard.

ATN: Your song, “Coming Home” is a wonderful portrait of what veterans go through, was there anyone in your family a veteran? 

ROBYNN: Yes, my father-in-law was a decorated war hero in Vietnam. Writing and singing “Coming Home” was an honor to him and all those who serve. I hope that through my song, the difficulties that soldiers face after coming home can be brought to light and the public can be more aware of how difficult it is.

ATN: How was his reaction to the song? 

ROBYNN: He was moved to tears when he first heard “Coming Home”. He said it reminded him of all his fellow soldiers who never got to come back and feel the embrace of their family again. He also appreciated that it emphasized awareness of the struggles that soldiers go through. He really appreciated that it was a way of bringing awareness to something that isn’t commonly spoken of. It brought up some difficult emotions, but he was really proud that I wrote a song to honor our soldiers who have had to endure so much.

ATN: How have veterans reacted to “Coming Home”?

ROBYNN: The veterans who have heard “Coming Home” have had an overwhelmingly positive reaction. I think the fact that I’m using my platform to draw attention to the struggles of veterans was important to them. I got lots of emails and messages thanking me for telling their stories and helping to raise awareness of the issues they face. It means a lot to me that they took the time to reach out and to share their stories. I’m grateful that I’m able to create music that honors veterans and their struggles.

ATN: Is there a new album on the horizon?

ROBYNN: My fifth studio album will come out at the end of 2023!

ATN: What can fans expect for the rest of 2023? 

ROBYNN: In 2023, fans can expect to hear some really exciting music from me. They can also look forward to live performances of my newest songs as well as some older favorites. I’ll be playing some amazing shows around the world, most likely reaching some new cities I’ve never been to before. I’ll also continue to make music videos and share them with you all on social media. I’m very excited for the year ahead!


ATN: Artist / band that you feel is the most underrated and why? 

ROBYNN: I think the most underrated artist at this moment is Ashley McBryde. She is an absolute powerhouse and has had some amazing success but I think her talent and artistry deserve more attention. She blends traditional country, folk, and rock but each song she puts out is unique in its own way. Her songwriting is phenomenal and each song has a story and a purpose. Her fiery energy and emotion behind the microphone make her one of the most compelling artists out there today. She deserves a lot more recognition for her talent and hard work.

ATN: Artist / band that you would like to collaborate with and why? 

ROBYNN: I would love to collaborate with Kacey Musgraves. I love her honest, heartfelt lyrics and her unique production style. Having grown up listening to classic country music, I love her approach to creating something that is innovative and current while still retaining some traditional elements I relate to. It would be a great honor to collaborate with her and contribute my writing and musicianship to her artistry. I think our musical styles and ideas would blend in a very cool and exciting way.

ATN: Artist / band that you would like to tour with and why?

ROBYNN: If I could tour with any artist or band, it would be Dolly Parton. I have so much admiration for her and for her career as a legendary country icon. She has been a strong role model for me and her music is timeless and really resonates with audiences. Plus, I’d love to collaborate with her on a new song!

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