LISTEN: “Fun” by Elliot Lee

Goddamn I love a song that is fun and “Fun” by Elliot Lee is that song. They could be the love child of Abba and Kylie Minogue.

Maybe there is no accordion in “Fun” but it sure sounds like there is one and that made me shout, hell yeah when I first listened to the song.

Of the song, Elliot says,

‘Fun’ is a song about neurodivergence masquerading as a song about wanting to be famous. In a way the two feelings share a very similar space in my chest, so I wanted to capture that overlap and while fame and neurotypicality sound nice on the surface, I also know how much I’d lose if l ever achieved either.

But Elliot didn’t just release “Fun” for fun either. Ellliot Lee is more than an artist, they are also a member of the LGBTQIA+ community who is openly non-binary and an advocate for Autism Awareness. They are creating music with a powerful message and representing others who may be similar in how Elliot feels.

Elliot has wonderfully fused a fantastic disco-esque beat and potent message that is dancefloor worthy.